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Towing in Baltimore: 5 Important Tips to Remember

If you suddenly find yourself with a broken down vehicle and you need a company that offers towing in Baltimore, it’s important you know how to properly handle the situation. If you don’t, your lack of preparedness will waste a lot of time and money. The following tips will allow you to minimize towing in Baltimore costs and help you avoid unscrupulous wrecker companies – unfortunately they are out there.

Towing in Baltimore Tip #1 – Always Think Safety First

Flat Bed Towing in Baltimore

Car Requires Flat Bed Towing in Baltimore

As bad you want to get a quick tow and get the heck out of where you are stranded, especially if you are in a hurry, the first thing you should do
is take all the necessary safety precautions while waiting towing in Baltimore. Make sure you set up the items from your road hazard kit to warn and alert other drivers to your disabled vehicle. Some of the things typically included in hazard kits are orange cones, emergency warning signs or reflective triangles, flares and glow sticks. If you don’t have a hazard kit, you should get one immediately. You can find some inexpensive ones online for less than $20.

If your vehicle is in a relatively unsafe area (the shoulder of the road may be narrow, or there may be no shoulder at all), then do not remain close to the vehicle, and certainly don’t stay inside it while awaiting towing in Baltimore. I’m sure you’ve heard of countless accidents involving disabled vehicles or vehicles pulled over to the side of the road because of other drivers who weren’t paying close enough attention to driving conditions.

If possible, alert family members or friends of your situation and hereabouts, especially if in an isolated area.

Towing in Baltimore Tip #2 – Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time by Getting an Idea of Typical Towing Rates

Take five minutes now or when you get a chance and call a local wrecker service or two. Just ask them for per mile rates, storage rates, roadside service rates, and if there is a wrecker fee involved and how that is calculated (usually it is based on mileage from base operations to your vehicle). Familiarize yourself with the answers and the rates for towing in Baltimore. Now you should have a good idea of the potential cost details if you ever find yourself suddenly needing towing in Baltimore, and you can prevent yourself from getting scammed.

Additionally, if you frequent other states you should check rates in these areas as well – they may differ from towing in Baltimore rates. There are state regulations regarding wrecker services for licensing and the maximum rates they are allowed to charge. The best source to find this information would be the state’s DMV website. So make sure the service is licensed and that the rates fall within regulations – otherwise move on to another service.

(Maryland Department of Transportation provides more information for those needing Towing in Baltimore.)

Towing in Baltimore Tip #3 – Get Detailed Pricing for All Towing Costs Prior to Engaging a Service

When you do find yourself suddenly needing the services of a tow truck or wrecker, make sure you get a complete breakdown of all costs involved prior to engaging in the service. These include wrecker fees, towing rates, mileage required for the job, roadside assistance and storage fees if necessary.

You should know the entire cost you will have to pay prior to agreeing to using a particular service, and never assume anything with regards to pricing with these companies or you could be in for a nasty surprise. If you forgot to ask about something, they may end up price-gouging you in a particular area. Before hanging up, ask specifically if there are any additional or hidden fees besides what has already been quoted in the conversation.

Towing in Baltimore Tip #4 – Consider Using Roadside Assistance

One thing that can help you immensely in an emergency is roadside assistance. What’s great about roadside assistance is that they will handle everything for you, from finding an approved towing in Baltimore wrecker service, coordinating the tow job, and finding a repair garage if you need one. Instead of you having to find a bunch of different phone numbers and call five different places, you would only need to make one call. Also, they may be able to provide a place to store your vehicle if you need to store it overnight. This could prevent you from having to pay extra to store it at the location of the wrecker service, or they may be able to waive or reduce the cost of storage.

You can find good roadside assistance services with companies like Triple A or through your insurance company, and when needed you will find them to be a huge help. You will also find yourself saving a lot of money with these services. Sure, there may be annual or monthly fees, but the costs of towing are typically included in these fees up to a certain mileage. You could find yourself getting 50 to 100 miles of free towing. Before joining a roadside service provider, check to see exactly what they are providing for what you are paying.

The Maryland State Highway Administration can help if you need towing in Baltimore.

Towing in Baltimore #5 – Always Inspect Your Vehicle for Towing Damage

There is always the potential risk of damage to your automobile when it is towed. Because of the different designs of automobiles, towing a car safely one way could end up damaging another type of car if towed or hooked up the exact same way. Immediately inspect your vehicle for visual damage after your car was towed, and have your auto mechanic check for structural or functional damage to systems possibly affected by towing such as the brakes and transmission. You can ask them to take your car for a test drive to ensure it drives normally. Of course if your car requires repair from an accident or breakdown, chances are your mechanic will be able to find damaged caused by your towing in Baltimore as well.

These five tips will greatly benefit you if you ever find yourself needing towing in Baltimore. You never know when that unfortunate moment will happen. Armed with this information, chances are your experience with a towing in Baltimore wrecker service will be uneventful and as planned.

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Towing in Baltimore Best Practices

by Towing in Baltimore on May 23, 2011

Knowledge is Power: Best Practices for Towing in Baltimore

Finding yourself in a situation where you suddenly need the services of a towing or wrecker company is not only unpleasant and stressful, it could put a major dent in your wallet. If you are unprepared when you happen to need one of the companies offering towing in Baltimore, you may find them to be experts at milking cash from you.

Familiarize Yourself With Fair Towing in Baltimore Rates Ahead of Time

Being prepared and knowing the best course of action to take when you need the services of a company offering wrecker or towing in Baltimore can save you money and a lot of headaches. Towing in Baltimore services are well aware that people who call them may be in desperate and vulnerable situations and may try to take advantage of those circumstances. So it’s important that you are well-informed about the normal rates and state laws regulating the companies offering towing in Baltimore.

Prepared for Towing in BaltimorePreparing yourself is something you should do sooner rather than later, especially if you have an older car that is susceptible to breakdowns and minor malfunctions. The first thing you can do is call a couple local towing or wrecker services and ask for rates, both during regular hours and outside regular hours. This will give you a base to work with so that if you ever do find yourself in a situation needing a wrecker, you’ll at least have an idea of what the cost should be prior to engaging a company offering towing in Baltimore.

Automobile mechanical/physical failures are expensive enough, and overpaying for towing in Baltimore just makes matters worse. It is a good idea if you have knowledge of average charges for towing in Baltimore.

Has your car ever broken down while you were far from home? It is not a pleasant situation. If you frequently travel to other states, it would be quite helpful to have knowledge of towing rates in those states as well since they may be different from towing in Baltimore rates. States actually have rules regarding the rates that towing services are allowed to charge, and these laws vary by state (check with the state’s DMV), so you should familiarize yourself with these state laws and rates. Additionally, most states require towing and wrecker services to be licensed by that state, so be sure to ask about their licensure.

If you plan on driving to another state and spending some time there, perhaps you should brush up on the local laws regarding towing service. Most reputable wrecker services will abide by these rates, but not all will. So if you haven’t done your homework and find yourself in an unfamiliar area where you need a tow, you are certainly susceptible to getting rate-jacked.

Breakdown of Wrecker Service Costs for Towing in Baltimore

Some companies charge by the mile while others will charge a set rate. If the company you call charges a set rate, then you should find out the mileage for the tow to the destination and then break the cost down into the mileage rate to be sure if you are getting a fair shake. If you have a cell phone with internet access you can find the out the mileage yourself and compare it with what you were quoted. You should find there should be little if any difference for the rated quoted for towing in Baltimore.

For towing in Baltimore, there may also be what’s called an initial wrecker fee. This is usually calculated as a mileage cost for the tow truck to get from the base of operation to your vehicle. If a service tries to charge you a wrecker fee, and then also include mileage costs for the truck to get to your car, look for another service.

If you can’t get the mileage yourself and have to rely on what the wrecker service tells you, make sure you verify the mileage later on when you get a chance, or make sure the driver is keeping an accurate record of the mileage (ask to see the odometer at departure and arrival to the destination). You can always dispute this later on if you feel you were charged excess mileage.

The extent of your misfortune may also play a role in the costs involved. If you get a flat tire or have some other type of minor breakdown, then most likely your car will be safe and out of harms way on the side of the road. The tow truck will easily be able to position itself to tow your car. Perhaps they may even be able to fix the problem on the spot, such as repairing your tire or jump-starting your car, so ask about costs relating to these services as well. It would sure beat having to contend with towing in Baltimore.

If you are in an accident and your car is in a precarious position, such as stuck in a ditch or even overturned, then the wrecker service will need a winch or some other type of equipment to pull your car out and position it for towing in Baltimore. This will of course add to the cost of the service. You could also incur extra charges if you need a wrecker service outside of typical business hours such as during nights, weekends or holidays, so keep these considerations in mind when calculating the cost for towing in Baltimore.

If you don’t have a place to take your car right away, most wrecker services have storage options. For outside storage expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $50 per day, and for inside it can be between $25 to $100 per day.

Towing in Baltimore Log File Requirements

Wrecker and towing in Baltimore service companies are required to keep strict log records of the various actions when dealing with towing your car. This includes who handled your call, the time of your call and the time that the driver was dispatched, the driver’s name, the time your vehicle was engaged for towing, the towing mileage and the hours your vehicle was stored at the facility. If a dispute arises, the wrecker company would need to produce the records and not be able to simply rely on their word against yours.

The main thing is to be prepared ahead of time because of course you never can predict when that breakdown or accident might happen. The more knowledgeable you are about the towing in Baltimore rates and laws, the less likely you will be in for an unpleasant surprise when you get the bill from the wrecker/towing service that did your towing in Baltimore.

Please find additional information on wrecker companies’ offering towing in Baltimore.

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